Toy Boat Dessert Café owners will sell the 38-year-old business

June 22, 2020 • Source: SFGate • Posted in: Company News

Owners of the long-standing Toy Boat Dessert Café, known for hot fudge sundaes and other decadent treats, are selling the business.

Jesse Fink, co-owner of the nearly 38-year-old dessert parlor, made the announcement in a message posted on his storefront window that indicated his interest to sell the business at 401 Clement St.

"It is our hope that someone full of vigor and vim will take over Toy Boat, and keep The Boat afloat for many years to come," the message read. "My family and I thank you all for 38 years of business and friendship."

On Yelp, the business has been marked temporarily closed and was scheduled to reopen by June 15. It’s unclear what led to Fink’s decision to sell the business.

Blatteis Realty Co. listed the property that currently has no price attached to it, but whoever makes the purchase will inherit much of Toy Boat Dessert Café’s equipment in addition to all the toys that hang along the interior walls.

Those toys have been what has given Toy Boat Dessert Café much of its character.


When the parlor first opened in 1982, owners Jesse and Roberta Fink wanted to open a dessert shop that would feature an array of old toys collected through the years.

"People walk in whether they’re 15 years old or 50 years old, they see something that they identify with from their childhood," Jesse told The Chronicle in a 2017 interview. "It’s a place for little kids, old people, everyone in between."


In the storefront message, Jesse wrote that one of the main goals he and his wife had was to provide a sense of nostalgia and a "really fun time." Jesse gave thanks to his customers, vendors, handymen and landlords "who have always been fair and compassionate, a family with heart, especially during this COVID madness."

Toy Boat Dessert Café is located at 401 Clement St. in San Francisco.

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