San Francisco's Historic Past Meets Its Future At AT&T's 1 Powell Store

September 26, 2016 • Posted in: Market News

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 26, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- AT&T's new tech-centered store will live inside one of San Francisco's oldest, and most historic buildings, transforming its celebrated past into a futuristic wonder, and redefining how customers shop for and learn about wireless technology in an increasingly interconnected world. The new store, at 1 Powell Street in Downtown San Francisco next to the popular trolley cable car turnaround area, opens September 28. It is AT&T's largest retail store in the country at 24,000-square feet, and will serve as the company's West Coast flagship location.

This historic San Francisco building, constructed in 1908, has been meticulously restored from floor to ceiling by AT&T's construction team, bringing 1 Powell back to its original Baroque architectural splendor, while adorning its vast open space with an array of next-gen tech accessories. Restoration specialists even used feathers and cotton swabs to gently remove decades' worth of dirt and grime in the majestic coffered ceilings, inch by inch.

"Our 1 Powell Store is a premier retail environment respecting the beauty and history of the location while bringing the most exciting new entertainment and mobility services to life," said Fred Devereux, Regional President – West, AT&T Mobility. "It's as much of an innovative educational space as it is a retail space where customers can interact with the latest technology and learn how it may integrate and simplify their everyday lives."

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